Wednesday, July 11, 2007

why havent i been posting?

sorry for the delay in posting, after a night out in Kanazawa my camera took a bit hit, enough to smash the screen so havent been taking pictures recently. These are some surprise pictures to me as i took these without being able to see what i was taking a picture of. Things have been really busy here, finalizing traveling plans post JET, trying to get ready to leave, and dealing with a car on the verge of dying it seems, i have had to arrange a total of 14 flights that ill be taking over the next 7 weeks until i come back to San Diego. I have been teaching my final lessons to my great students at Uchi chu and spending time with friends before we all take off in 2 weeks. This is a big mix of pictures from 2 goodbye parties that ive been to so far, uchinada pictures, and the new camera. I probably wont be posting much but expect to see pictures when im settled back down in San Diego.

grilled shrimp heads, and only the heads, i had to eat this, at one of the going away parties, a critical part of japanese culture that i cannot leave japan without trying.

the rice fields are so green with the rainy season rain


the new camera, its still speaking Japanese

he got "sign language" as his pictionary word

yakisoba dogs

goodbye lessons

so here are a few pictures from school as i work my way thru my goodbye lessons, its so sad to say goodbye to some of these kids.

my very wild and great 1-8 class

very good 2-5 class

3-6 is a great class, ive had these kids the entire time i have been in uchinada and its a shame i dont get to see them graduate