Monday, October 30, 2006

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Friday, October 13, 2006

what happens on a weekend trip for work...

being peer pressured into drinking at 7:05am by 50 japanese office workers on a tourbus to

having random food other people buy from road stops, octopus balls and squid *legs* along with a few more beers as the day progresses.

actually listen to the tour guide (who will not stop talking from Kanazawa to Kobe a 4 hour trip) and realize she has talked about the price of rice for literally half an hour.

attend the first all you can eat meal of the day at some italian resturant...

find yourself at some place called Good Times World`which was not even a good time enough for me to take a picture of it...

attend an all you can drink enkai business dinner in osaka

win or somehow recieve the $50 (fifty dollar) `high class` melon at the enkai dinner

go out in downtown osaka

decide the only thing left to do is take pictures of you and random people with your prized new melon.

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