Sunday, February 05, 2006

cameraphone pics from the weekend

We had a big storm this past weekend on the west coast. The average daytime high didnt rise above freezing according to my thermometer and with seemingly continuous snow, freezing rain, and wind, it was not the best time to be out and about driving.

coming the door of my favorite kaiten sushi place back out to the car in the storm. For around $5, i had roast(with a blow torch) pork sushi, several plates of really fresh red fish sushi and a hot bowl of pork and vegetable soup. i love having discount coupons to sushi bars.

the sky cleared momentarily and we were rewarded with an amazing clear sky overhead with dark snow clouds coming towards us from the sea.

instead of staying in like we probably should have we went out to dinner and into town in the middle of the snowstorm last night. After a few beers we decided it would be best to have a snowball fight through the deserted streets downtown. A roving snowball fight that went on for a mile or so as we walked to another bar across town ensued. After a few minutes, we decided it would also be best to break each other umbrellas to bits, making sure we got well accquainted with the snow falling for the rest of the night.

driving to the gym the next morning for an onsen. On a really cold day, there is really nothing like jumping into a 45 degree C bath and just soaking for as long as you can take it.


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