Monday, January 30, 2006

Anamizu Oyster Festival

This past weekend was my 2nd real trip up to the Noto pennisula. This annual festival in the coastal town of Anamizu was a blast and really highlighted the differences between the comparatively big city living I experience and how many other JETs live in ishikawa.

women selling yakisoba with oysters

people park in very dangerous places in Japan as Chris investigates

basically, we arrived at our friend Christy's house late morning and walked over to her city hall where this was all taking place. Vendors were selling oysters by the plastic shopping bag full for a thousand yen along with the standard squid, onigiri, yakisoba, fried oysters etc etc. We then took our purchases over to the rows of barbecues the city had set up and we cooked our oysters ourselves. Actually, the Japanese folks there had to help us with the cooking and prying open of the oysters. These specific oysters we were told all had to be very carefully cooked as if eaten raw there is a fair chance of hepatitis.

cooked oyster. I think I can find things I enjoy eating more than this in the future.

the next day we drove up the eastern coast of the pennisula which is very different than our sandy beaches on the west.


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