Friday, January 27, 2006

i am a nerd

as the weather is still kinda crapy, and there is really no reason to leave my house other than to go to the gym, work and japanese class during the week, i figured i should try cooking some foods i miss. very high on that list in mexican food so last night i set off trying to make fajitas. i took this picture to see if i remember it tasting like somberos when i go home in april. After i put the picture on my computer i realized something that i was pretty surprised with. The ingredients for my dinner came from all over the world, and this meal would never have been possible even a few decades ago. The only part of the meal from Japan is the rice, which is from the Noto pennisula. The beef is imported from Australia since US beef imports have suspended again. The flour tortillas are from San Marcos, CA. Then the tomatoes are from South Korea, the yellow bell peper is from New Zealand, and the onion is from either Thailand or China. The avacodos are from either mexico or northern san diego county(they were hidden in a package to me from home) And my hot sauce is from Texas. I guess in the middle of freezing winter here not much of the food im eating is from around here at all. But i had no idea it would be from all over the world like this.

maguro negi maki, it is the left over parts of maguro, giant tuna that is extremly expensive that is ground up(negi) into an almost paste and made up into sushi. it might sound gross, but is actually really good. Real maguro is so expensive that two peices of it at a cheap sushi place might cost upwards of $5, its great, but ill eat the negi until i make more money.

so there you have it, you can see what my life has become here in the dead of winter in japan, analyzing where my food comes from. let me know if you're doing something more exciting.



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