Saturday, December 24, 2005

bon enkai

pre dinner tea and wagashi on gold leaf black laquer ware table with the hot towel after we got into the onsen after a 2 hour drive through the snow.

enkai dinner, all very beautifully laid out and presented, the japanese like using these cooking coals that look like urinal cakes that they light on fire and the chemicals burn themselves out to cook the food. we had a yaki-niku-eque beef and onion thing, and in the pot was a tofu milk soup with seafood.

the sashimi plate. check out the uni

two of our waitresses in full komonos and koshikawa sensei after the dinner. we were given the full yukkata dress for use at dinner, then in the onsen bathroom. one of guy teachers at our school tried to give me a compliment which was awesome "barto sensei, your yukkata is sexual harassment" this was our end of the year party Bon enkai, "forget the past year" party, and a lot of the teachers and I most will certainly not remember a whole lot of last night at least.Wakura is an amazing place up on the coast by Notojima and Nanao. it was very pricely, but this is alleged to be the most famous and fanciest onsen in all of Japan, the place sported pictures of all of japanese royal families walking through the door for the past century. im really happy i went, and we all had a great time. i have a ton of pictures, which i will put up more of at some point soon.


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