Tuesday, December 13, 2005

we got a big one

we got out first big snow storm here, this was just after an hour or so of the storm, it's been snowing pretty much straignt since about 2pm. this is what my card looked like when i came out of the school to go home.

driving over snow has a very similar crunch sound to that of rubbing cotton balls together, just an awful feeling if you ask me.

yesterday driving to the post office

random story for the day. I've got a pretty intense cold at the moment, and having a lot of trouble speaking at volume for extended periods of time. i found that by drinking little sips of cold water, i could make it through a class period of teaching. To that end, I walked out of the teachers room to go teach a class today with a bottle of water in hand. Immediatly, a teacher informed me, i couldnt do that(bring a bottle of water to a class), after i suggested, there was no way id get through one full class without water, let alone the 4 back to back i had today, they suggested that if i must bring water to class, i needed to bring it to class wrapped in a paper bag so students could not see what it was. And that if i must take a drink of water, i needed to step out into the hallway and drink there so the students did not see. i guess the japanese kids can't know that teachers drink water too....


Blogger The Creative Death said...

Teachers drink water?
I find it funny that they make you wrap it in a paper bag...reminds me of someone's lame attempt to disguise the fact that they are drinking bottles of liquor.

The snow looks fantastic! We haven't gotten any yet, its just been painfully cold.

12:27 PM  

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