Thursday, November 24, 2005


some random pictures for you tonight. a couple from the kenrokuen light-up last week, the first one is of one of my 98 yen gyoza package dinners infront of the TV to watch football late at night. they are so good with the right combination of rice vinegar, soy sauce and hot chili oil. then the last one is trying to write text messages to the supervisor in japanese. my kanji i guess is coming tho. but when i think about it i screwed up the particles in that sentence, oh well. tomorrow is thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays for sure. ill miss the family meal, but at least ill have 120 JETs to entertain me as tomorrow and friday are orientation days in the north of ishikawa, when you sit down to thanksgiving dinner, please send me a positive thanksgiving vibe to get me through the information sessions and group seminars ill be sitting through. happy thanksgiving.


Blogger The Creative Death said...

Cool pictures! I love the red in the picture of the fan. Very pretty.
Hope your thanksgiving was sucessful!

11:36 AM  

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