Monday, November 14, 2005

a lazy sunday

after taking a wrong turn into the rice fields. way out in the distance you can see the medical center and bridge in uchinada.

i somehow ended up at a horserace on the other side of the lagoon. all this while trying to get a haircut.
i went to the next town over today, and it felt like another planet. i feel like my town has gotten used to me working and living there. i walked into a supermarket trying to see if they sold apples for under $1.50 an apple, and random people start staring and taking pictures of me with their cell phone cameras. i guess they dont get many(or any) foreigners there. it seems to happen a lot, you'd think with TV, and constant bombardment of american pop culture people wouldnt be so stunned to see a white person. i feel like people made less of a deal of me being white in africa than they do in japan. then in the meat department an old lady very sternly declared in japanese "you don't have beef in america" and that "american food is not delicious" i said, "sorry"and made a quick getaway, all this when i just wanted some apples.
i love it here, but it can be really trying sometimes.


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