Monday, November 21, 2005

sunday night

i spoke at a gathering of medical students from uchinada's medical school about learning english tonight. this is a shot from my cell phone of only some of the food that was throw down on the tables we soon as i arrived. i didnt have much to say, as i almost never have any idea what these people want to hear. i answered a lot of questions tho, mostly in japanese about my favorite japanese foods, why i came, where im from, etc, i feel like my life is so boring after talking about it almost constantly for the past 4 months as i am asked the same questions by everyone i meet. i think i might start making stuff up just to make it a little more interesting. but everyone was extremly nice, and was very excited to watch me try every different type of food there.

my question is, what happens at 24:03?


Blogger Nicole said...

Mr. Bart. I need your address. Could you possibly email it to me? Thanks!

5:59 AM  

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