Sunday, December 18, 2005

i dug the *@$*&@^*$@^$ out

the first picture i think is somewhat decieving as to how much snow was actually covering my car. the thing was burried, with only the mirrors sticking out of the snow on the side, and in the back the spoiler was visible.

i got my hands on a Dr Pepper a few weeks ago, and had been waiting for just the right moment to enjoy the goodness that is quality soda.

i went for a little drive around to get used to driving on ice, basically the whole city is ice. i spent a long time out and about, the sea was churning like crazy with by far the biggest waves ive ever seen here or maybe even ever. all the water was a really deep brown/red color. i wish my actual camera had been working, but after i took the first picture the thing just stopped. that's why most of the pictures are ketai shots. im finally back in doors sitting at my kotatsu(a wonderful thing a heated table with a blanket around the sides to keep the heat in), and the place is getting slammed with another snow storm. i put the car in the yakuba parking lot where they have sprinklers keeping the snow from building up.


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