Monday, February 20, 2006

Somedays in japan...

I think ive come to the realization that the absolute best part of my job is being able to interact with my students. Sometimes, for sure some are lazy, boring, not interested in what you're trying to do, or even sometimes a little rude, but the huge huge majority of the time, i find the vast majority of them to be charming, really sweet, and in general make my day better. There is something so sweet about them that its hard to describe. Walking down the hall and hearing "HELLO" or "goodmorning!" yelled at me from these kids is an expereince i would have never imaged before coming to japan. In the states, no foreign teacher would ever be treated with the respect, playfullness, or level of interest i feel that is focus upon JETs.
The japanese school year is currently winding down, with testing and end of the year activities leading up to graduation Saturday March 11th. As a result, im finishing up my last classes ever with my 3rd year classes. At the end of class today, one of my classes, 3-8, not even my favorite, or i guess in anyway what i would call distinctive to me really surprised me. As we did the final class ending and bow, 31 of the 38 students ran up to teh front of teh class and showered me in cards they had made me. It was completely unexpected, and i had no idea it was going to happen. They had obviously put a lot of effort into them, and i was just taken aback by them. i can see now how teaching can be so rewarding,

i like the fact he told me that spider-man was not angry on the card, on the inside, he said he also wanted to be Spiderman when we grew up.


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Those are the cutest cards I have ever seen. Your kids are adorable.

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