Wednesday, October 12, 2005


school lunch at uchinada chugako. everyday is a twist on a similar theme. some small portion of a meat, usually fried, then some protein and vegetable mix. then some form of soup and rice. Then a box milk, but japanese milk is very very different from American milk. It is condensed is what it sounds like, it's like drinking coffee creamer with added sweetness. I cant drink it and i worked at a dairy for 3 years. This particular day is 2 deep fried chicken peices with a sweet soy glaze and small chives, and on the other side the black thing is a nori salad, a type of dark seaweed mixed with vinegar, lima beans, bamboo shoots, and carrots that has stewed for a day or two. Then a tofu and pork miso soup. They have a big room called in Japanese "Kyshoku senntaa" the lunch center, funny how english words have snuck in there. everything is cooked on site, by a staff of about 10 old japanese women everyday. Every object on the tray is laid in a specific position and orientation, it it shte same everyday and will never be changed, see first picture. the seaweed salad wasn't bad actually, but the milk is really that bad.


Blogger MsKansas said...

Hey baby! I like your new pictures. Am I going to have to eat that when I come? If you can't handle it, then I know I probably can't. Maybe I'll smuggle some American milk on the plane with me...
Before I forget, Cristina showed me an awesome website that I think you'll like:
I love it!

3:57 PM  
Blogger Oishii Ninja said...

Great pics and info.
Thanks for letting others know about the great lunch programs in Japan.
You can see what I eat daily in Kyushu.
I am lucky that it is real, slow cooked, unprocessed food for about $3.00 USA.
I hope American schools can change.

10:17 AM  

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