Tuesday, October 04, 2005


here is an example of the wonderful onigiri, sounds like "Onigity" but these wonderful rice triangles covered in dried seaweed come with all sorts of interesting fillings and can really hit the spot when you're hungry. I've had everything from Japanese yellow pickles to katsudon pork to dried dark fish to grilled pepper chicken pieces packed inside. I unfortunately got really unlucky with my choices tonight. As a a person not fluent in the several thousand kanji used in daily life, I just gamble and grab one or pick one with the most attractive packaging. I could read some of the labels tho, and tried to make an educated guess tonight, the first kanji on the green label one is 'taka', or high or tall and one of the radicals of the 2nd kanji is similar to the kanji for fruit or kuda. And the blue one is in hurigana so it's a lot easier, the package says "konbo" which i could read, but didn't know what it was. When i got home, i looked it up, it means "tangle in the sea" whatever that means. So yea, these were filled with some sort of Japanese pickled roots and plant material. But they were still tasty, hopefully next time ill have more luck in picking better onigiri.


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