Thursday, January 17, 2008


just after new years i went to visit Zach and Jane in Ithaca. They are two very good friends from Japan(really they're from Canada....) but it was great to catch up, and for this very special occasion, ill put pictures of people up on the blog. look at that jane.

the car they rented in my honor! a brand new mustang

i discover that in Canada, they have these chips called "all dressed up" chips, they were actually really good.

one of Zach's great meals, yakisoba.

the pictures got all screwed up in order, but here are some pictures from our hike out to the tallest waterfall in the east.

zach, jane and I with the falls.

walking out to the car in the snow in the morning. It was COLD

look at the person on the right side of the picture for scale.

driving around the finger lakes.


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