Friday, September 28, 2007

Work and Play

so blogger is giving me trouble so the images are all disorganized. But i am so sorry to have been bad about being in touch with people, things here have been so busy with harvest season. We have been working 10 to 13 hour days everyday since i got here, so today we decided we needed a break from things, my aunt surprised us by taking us out to the beach for a fresh oyster BBQ and picnic to destress a bit. It was amazing.

the burgers just keep coming... (not from the picnic)

one great thing about living in Japan, the thought of raw seafood does not phase me at all

the picnic, minus the carne asada and tortillas

here starts the working part

do NOT ask me how we get the labels on the bottles, i will hurt you

de-stemming the new grapes

where ive been spending a lot of my time recently

out to bodega bay today

napa countryside on the way to the beach

why am i such a redneck?


Blogger kodakbear said...


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Blogger jalexissmith said...

looks lovely!

but I really do want to know how you get the labels on the bottle. i will have to wikipedia it.

4:49 AM  

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