Saturday, March 10, 2007

ask and you shall recieve

the snow has returned to ishikawa, for the past 3 days its been cold, snowy and rainy, but today is beautiful and will be perfect for graduation.
the morning trudge to school

the courtyard at my school. this area is open to all of the hallways nearby. Freezing gusts of wind will rush down the corridors of the school in the winter, and hot waves of sticky heat in the summer.
on the way home from talking with people who wanted me to work for their company part time being the minister for Japanese couples who want to have western style weddings. It was a pretty strange. Can you see me dressed as a minister?

its also getting to be graduation time, here in about 3 hours, so Ive been saying goodbye to my 3rd graders. Here are 2 of my better classes, notice please boys on one side girls on the other because you know, they couldn't interact with one another. The yellow book is a collection of english essays the students wrote that we spent the last month putting together for each of the students.


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