Friday, August 25, 2006

japanese drivers test

this is the course we had to memorize which we were given about 20 minutes before having to get behind the wheel and do. navagiting the S curve the *the crank* were the highlights of the test. to quote someone, the japanese drivers test is not actually based on any ability of yours to drive, but just how well you can memorize a set course in a limited period of time and how much of a safety show you put on for the instructor. The first part of the test is literally that you have to come out of the building and walk all around the vehicle and check under every quarter of the vehicle to assure no kids or kittens have strayed onto the closed test track and decided to seek refuge in the wheels of the car.

instead of actually taking a test on you know, roads, we had to take our behind the wheel test on this massive empty complex in the middle of rice fields, full of S curve roads, and the *crank*(see below), a series of 90 degree turns on a narrow street lined with poles with iron bars dangling from that we had to navagite through.

the end result of about $200 in fees driving lessons, random fees, $11 to rent the test car from the city to take the 8 minute test, and some strange donation i had to make to i think people who direct traffic or something. oh well, at least i can drive again.


Blogger michaelpanda said...

*gasp* omg, bart, dude, shouldn't you mosaic out your driver's license number and address...!?


1:07 PM  
Blogger Heather said...

Hahah!!! That's nuts! I get not wanting non-liscensed drivers on the road, but they should at least have brave drivers out there with you!

3:37 PM  

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