Saturday, June 10, 2006

May's Sumo

national sumo stadium in tokyo. Two 15 day national tournaments are held a year, these are from last month's spring tournament. Wrestlers from Western japan battle those from the east.

banners leading up to the stadium

introduction of the east team, these are some big big guys

this is a huge guy from the baltic somewhere who was 11-1 at this point. He was so much taller than everyone else it was incredible, just this mass of baltic muscle. his name i think was too difficult for the japanese to pronouce so he took the name "Baruto" how the japanese refer to the Baltic Sea. The crowd went wild for him when he came into the area, they were screaming his name, but it sounded just like they were screaming "Barto Barto!!", what the japanese call me, so it sounded like everyone was screaming my name. Watch the videos to see what happened when Baruto faced this famous sumo wrestler whose name im blanking on at the moment.


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