Monday, October 31, 2005

Waves of Virture

this is my name in Chinese Kanji, depending on different readings, there could be a 3rd character between these two that has little meaning but would sound more like my actual name. This is funny i think, my name in Chinese means "Waves of Virtue" which i couldnt believe. the top kanji is pronouced Nami in japanese and has a reading similar to the first part of my name in chinese. A few interesting things of note about these kanji, the three strokes to the left of the kanji on the top is the radical for water, and those three strokes appear in many other kanji and indicate some meaning of the kanji. The bottom kanji is made up of a human radical to the bottom left quarter of that kanji, and the bottom right is the radical for heart i think, kokoro in japanese. it's interesting stuff this kanji, but tough stuff. sorry this blog is a little too academic, but i doubt too many people will read it so oh well.


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Well I read it and that's all that matters!

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